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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Changing Face of Network Marketing

The days of large network marketing companies dictating everything to their distributors are rapidly drawing to a close. Soon network marketing will truly be independent business owners with multiple streams of income flowing into their coffers. The days of making lists of friends and everyone you know are disappearing and have already gone for the serious players.

So what’s happening to cause this?

What’s happening is that marketing is finally being introduced into the network marketing psyche at the ground floor levels. People are realising that by providing quality content on subjects related to their business they are able to attract qualified prospects into their contact list.

The internet is enabling people to combine tools that work to generate traffic and qualified leads to almost any good business opportunity. By building a list of qualified prospects with a pre-built automated marketing process network marketers are able to continue to provide quality information coupled with offers to relevant products and services.

The thirst for information coupled with the ability of the internet to deliver immediately with high profit margins makes information the ideal product to add into the new network marketing offering. The reason many network marketing companies exist is that their products don’t fit into traditional distribution channels. This is exactly why this industry started back in the 1930’s with the company that became Nutrilite. Like many nutraceutical products today, back then Nutrilite’s product, a food supplement containing all the essential vitamins and minerals, required a great deal of customer education.

This need creates the opportunity for savvy network marketers to create their own information products or use relevant affiliate products and add them into their product mix. Because it takes time to go through the primary product details and explain the benefits of these new products to potential customers an information product that does this automatically and consistently facilitates the process and enables the network marketer to be much more productive.

The benefits to the industry will be enormous. No longer will it be dominated by overzealous or desperate people trying to constantly close the sale. Rather the multi-income-stream generating network marketer will be focused on providing quality information in their chosen field and working with those prospects that show the most promise to build their business.

The control of their list of prospects and members is the key to the new network marketer’s independence. By having their prospect join their own list prior to joining their primary business the new network marketer will be able to promote whatever they like to their prospect. Should the company have problems then this strategy also protects the network marketer from losing everything. They will be able to simply find a better company and swap his whole downline into it.

What we are seeing is a shift in power through the network marketer’s control of the list being enabled by the use of the internet and a widespread understanding of what’s possible for the little guy or gal.


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