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Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Warning for All Network Marketers

As an independent distributor for your Company you are building their most important asset, their distribution network. In the typical situation you have no rights to the network you have spent time and effort building should something go wrong with the Company or your relationship with it. That is just a fact of life. You’re travelling on a ship on the high seas and just like the crew, if the ship hits rough weather; you’re just as much at risk.

This article is advising you to be like Noah and build your Ark, your lifeboat, as part of the way you structure your marketing and customer recruiting business. My strong advice is “don’t exclude yourself from ownership of the distribution network you spend so much time and effort building”. Make this asset as much your asset as it is that of your Company.

If you structure your business accordingly and something should go wrong, as it sometimes does, you still have your prospects and customer network’s contact information intact, so you can continue to foster your relationships. The alternative is bleak. You lose everything and have to start from scratch. The more successful you become the more critical this becomes for you.

It’s worth spending some time on considering what could go wrong, what are the risks? Of course, the most obvious risks are financial and regulatory risks. In the commercial world, financial failure happens every day for all sorts of reasons. You only need to read the financial pages. Governments and regulatory body’s are known for meddling in commercial affairs, whether through political pressure or because of their own leanings.

Consider some of the other risks. For example if you are in the nutraceutical field you can have problems with supply sources. These can be political, biological or even the weather. Problems can also be generated from technology failure. It may be in the manufacturing processes, packaging or distribution, or in back-office support such as the technology supporting marketing, distribution and accounting.

Of course in any corporation the management are charged with the responsibility of minimizing these risks, assuming they are within their control. But as history records, sometimes things still go wrong.

What you need to do is take control of your leads before they become members of your Company. Make them your customer before they become the Company’s customer. Should something go wrong with your primary business, you just unbolt it and bolt on a new one. BINGO! You’re up and running again.

Now you have the choice of doing nothing and going down with the ship, or build your lifeboat, or better yet your spiderweb, by structuring your business so that most of your key assets are protected. To me it’s common sense.

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