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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Changing Face of Network Marketing

The days of large network marketing companies dictating everything to their distributors are rapidly drawing to a close. Soon network marketing will truly be independent business owners with multiple streams of income flowing into their coffers. The days of making lists of friends and everyone you know are disappearing and have already gone for the serious players.

So what’s happening to cause this?

What’s happening is that marketing is finally being introduced into the network marketing psyche at the ground floor levels. People are realising that by providing quality content on subjects related to their business they are able to attract qualified prospects into their contact list.

The internet is enabling people to combine tools that work to generate traffic and qualified leads to almost any good business opportunity. By building a list of qualified prospects with a pre-built automated marketing process network marketers are able to continue to provide quality information coupled with offers to relevant products and services.

The thirst for information coupled with the ability of the internet to deliver immediately with high profit margins makes information the ideal product to add into the new network marketing offering. The reason many network marketing companies exist is that their products don’t fit into traditional distribution channels. This is exactly why this industry started back in the 1930’s with the company that became Nutrilite. Like many nutraceutical products today, back then Nutrilite’s product, a food supplement containing all the essential vitamins and minerals, required a great deal of customer education.

This need creates the opportunity for savvy network marketers to create their own information products or use relevant affiliate products and add them into their product mix. Because it takes time to go through the primary product details and explain the benefits of these new products to potential customers an information product that does this automatically and consistently facilitates the process and enables the network marketer to be much more productive.

The benefits to the industry will be enormous. No longer will it be dominated by overzealous or desperate people trying to constantly close the sale. Rather the multi-income-stream generating network marketer will be focused on providing quality information in their chosen field and working with those prospects that show the most promise to build their business.

The control of their list of prospects and members is the key to the new network marketer’s independence. By having their prospect join their own list prior to joining their primary business the new network marketer will be able to promote whatever they like to their prospect. Should the company have problems then this strategy also protects the network marketer from losing everything. They will be able to simply find a better company and swap his whole downline into it.

What we are seeing is a shift in power through the network marketer’s control of the list being enabled by the use of the internet and a widespread understanding of what’s possible for the little guy or gal.

Friday, May 9, 2008

This cracked me up!

My friend just sent me this link and it cracked me up. As an Internet Marketer, you may feel like nobody outside your online buddies understand exactly what you do all day at home. And, sometimes you feel a bit like an alien trying to tell people stories about your day-to-day life.

Well, Jimmy D. Brown hit a home run. He's created 15 comics about what it's like to be an Internet Marketer. Some will make you laugh out loud and some will make you groan, but all are worth taking a minute to peek at.

Totally free and totally funny.

Check them out here

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Warning for All Network Marketers

As an independent distributor for your Company you are building their most important asset, their distribution network. In the typical situation you have no rights to the network you have spent time and effort building should something go wrong with the Company or your relationship with it. That is just a fact of life. You’re travelling on a ship on the high seas and just like the crew, if the ship hits rough weather; you’re just as much at risk.

This article is advising you to be like Noah and build your Ark, your lifeboat, as part of the way you structure your marketing and customer recruiting business. My strong advice is “don’t exclude yourself from ownership of the distribution network you spend so much time and effort building”. Make this asset as much your asset as it is that of your Company.

If you structure your business accordingly and something should go wrong, as it sometimes does, you still have your prospects and customer network’s contact information intact, so you can continue to foster your relationships. The alternative is bleak. You lose everything and have to start from scratch. The more successful you become the more critical this becomes for you.

It’s worth spending some time on considering what could go wrong, what are the risks? Of course, the most obvious risks are financial and regulatory risks. In the commercial world, financial failure happens every day for all sorts of reasons. You only need to read the financial pages. Governments and regulatory body’s are known for meddling in commercial affairs, whether through political pressure or because of their own leanings.

Consider some of the other risks. For example if you are in the nutraceutical field you can have problems with supply sources. These can be political, biological or even the weather. Problems can also be generated from technology failure. It may be in the manufacturing processes, packaging or distribution, or in back-office support such as the technology supporting marketing, distribution and accounting.

Of course in any corporation the management are charged with the responsibility of minimizing these risks, assuming they are within their control. But as history records, sometimes things still go wrong.

What you need to do is take control of your leads before they become members of your Company. Make them your customer before they become the Company’s customer. Should something go wrong with your primary business, you just unbolt it and bolt on a new one. BINGO! You’re up and running again.

Now you have the choice of doing nothing and going down with the ship, or build your lifeboat, or better yet your spiderweb, by structuring your business so that most of your key assets are protected. To me it’s common sense.

SpiderWeb Marketing combined with ProBuilder Plus give you the best of lead generation and protection of your interest in your distribution network. The latter also offers automated generic and primary business video presentations as a seperate feature. Just go here to see it in action for my business.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Home Based Businesses & The SpiderWeb Marketing System

My name is Phil Paris. I'm from Auckland, , and I've been involved in my home business for 1 year in

Originally, I became involved in my home business because I wanted to supplant my primary income and I desperately needed to do something other than my previous job. I was interested in entrepreneurship. After getting established in my business, some things went well.

On the other hand, it was not exactly the dream I had hoped for. Despite the things I liked about it, I still experienced some frustrations because of the time it takes to build a new website. The intention was and still is to add a back-end network marketing business as an income stream. At that time I didn't know enough about the network marketing business to train anyone and I didn't know how to "sell". I wasn't any good on the phone as I had no experience.

In spite of my difficulties, I still tried my best to achieve the success in network marketing that I was originally sold on. I worked hard to follow that promise of success that my sponsor told me about. I tried many of the traditional tactics employed in this industry, with less than ideal results. I spent THOUSANDS of dollars on training courses and "Proven Turnkey Systems". I did everything I had been taught to do, and worked my hardest at it, but the end result was less than I expected.

I decided I needed to try a different approach. I was frustrated with the results of my previous efforts. My upline was not very helpful and I was desperate for a way to grow my business. I wanted to work hard with a new, fresh approach. After researching several different options, I decided to join the Spider Web Marketing System. I thought it was a good idea to become a part of the Spider Web Marketing System because I was excited to be able to generate 12+ streams of passive residual income. I wanted to learn exactly what it takes to leverage the power of the internet to grow my business. I was also really excited to get the the Revolutionary Lead Generation System and I wanted to gain access to the 22+ step-by-step tutorial videos. I thought this would I help me develop my downlines.

Since joining, things have gone quite well and I am pleased with the results so far. I'm confident that the Spider Web Marketing System will help me achieve the success that I've always dreamed of because it is a brilliant business model that makes perfect sense. Kimball and his corporate staff have been very helpful.

I believe that success comes to those who are willing to work for it. I believe in working hard, and I believe in working smart. Since joining The Spider Web Marketing System, I have become more effective and more efficient in my business.

I originally became involved in my home business because I had a goal to gain financial freedom, gain time freedom and spend time with my children and granddaughter. I also want to enjoy my time and my life my way. I want to be a leader in my business and share my knowledge with others as well as share my success. Of course I want to become a millionaire. The Spider Web Marketing System has helped me take a huge step closer to that goal.

MLM Leads and The Spider Web Marketing Lead Machine

In any business, the money has to come from somewhere. Whether it's from sales revenue or service charges or other transactions, the bitter business truth is that every dime in your pocket used to be in someone else's. It's not a bad thing. Just because you have money that used to be in someone else's possession doesn't mean that the former owner is now busting out the food stamps. Through however many transactions between however many parties, you received money, and they received either goods or services. And that's how an economy works.

On a less Macro scale, in the world of network and multi-level marketing this principle remains especially true and obvious. At the very core of your business, you make money through the sale of goods or services to someone. You yourself may never sell a thing and be living in a huge mansion, but odds are you're benefiting from the sale of something to someone. This system of making sales work for you is part of the appeal of MLM downlines. You benefit from the work of others. The more people you have in your downlines, the more profit you are making. Downlines make sales. You make money. End of story. But what's the name of the game?

MLM Leads are the hottest commodity. If you've got 'em, you've got it. If not, you're going to be working really, really hard to pay for that huge mansion on door-to-door sales and Tupperware parties. If you can get downlines, you can get money. In order to have downlines, you need leads. In short, your leads equal money.

And that's the MLM secret, which you already know, of course. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that you can't make a fortune by yourself in this business. But just because you know that you need leads doesn't mean you can find them. And that's where so many MLM ventures fail. It is a commonly reported statistic that well over 90% of those involved in MLM never make a profit. But you can bet that a healthy supply of leads will keep in you in the successful ten percent.

There's a couple different ways to go about it. You can do what most MLMers do (and fail): make a list of your friends and family (sound familiar?), pass out 'business op' fliers, spend lots of money and have social functions, beg, plead, scream, pass out, wake up, continue. Eventually, the strenuous effort takes its toll on your health and you leave the industry to do something a little more docile and less stressful on your health, like substitute teaching in an alternative high school.

Personally, I spent THOUSANDS of dollars on training courses and "Proven Turnkey Systems", with limited success.

There is a better way. A way to channel leads to your business who come looking for it. The Spider Web Marketing System is a system designed to do one thing: generate your MLM leads. And it does so with the greatest effectiveness and efficiency in the industry. It's based on what is called the funded proposal system, a system that utilizes highly developed Internet marketing strategies to bring interested, real leads. The best part of funded proposal, and the great appeal of The Spider Web Marketing System, is that it perpetuates itself, so that it keeps itself going and continues to generate income for you, while continually sending quality leads your way.

There are other ways to get leads. You can put down some serious cash for "lead lists" who will give you pages and pages of innocent people who have been called a hundred times, and you can work off of that. But with Spider Web Marketing, these are leads that come to you. They are "fresh leads," meaning that they have not been called before or come from any list. These are people, who using the Internet, seek out a business opportunity and come straight to you.

The SpiderWeb Marketing System has been great for me because It is a brilliant business model that makes perfect sense. Kimball and his corporate staff have been very helpful. Its helped me get more leads, grow my business, and make more money, and helped me on my goal to gain financial freedom, gain time freedom and spend time with my children and granddaughter (8months and so cute). I want to enjoy my time and my life my way. I want to be a leader in my business and share both my knowledge and my success with others. Becoming a millionaire by my own efforts would be cool as well.

Basically, The Spider Web Marketing System is a lead generating machine. And in a business where leads are the name of the game, that's a piece of equipment you can't afford to be without.

For more information visit

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Back Office Makes Things Easy

Hey, Phil Paris here with another exciting post about The SpiderWeb Marketing System! Right now, I want to tell you a little bit about an amazing tool that is put into your hands: The SpiderWeb Marketing System Back Office.

The SpiderWeb Marketing System Back Office is an extremely useful and powerful part of the most effective program in the industry. As you establish yourself within The SpiderWeb Marketing System, you will become very familiar with the Back Office. It is a tool that we've created to help you be successful in this program, and a majority of your efforts in the system will be done through it.

If your experience has been anything like mine, you may have struggled a bit. My Sponsor in my MLM is new too and couldn't train me. I didn't know enough about the business to train anyone else either. I didn't know how to "sell" and I wasn't good on the phone. Perhaps, like me, you engaged in some of the classic, yet often futile techniques of MLM. I spent THOUSANDS of dollars on training courses and "Proven Turnkey Systems". And I just didn't find the success I desired. But The SpiderWeb Marketing System overcomes those problems, in great measure by the Back Office.

The SpiderWeb Marketing System Back Office gives you something. It gives you a home base in the program. It makes the SpiderWeb System real to you: something you can see, use, and rely on. In so many other systems, you sign up, pay your fee, and end up floating out in MLM space trying to figure it all out, with nothing to ground you to the system. With the Back Office, you are actually in The SpiderWeb system. Its easy to get with the program when you are part of the program.

Its sole reason for existing is to make success easier for you. In the Back Office, you have access to The SpiderWeb Marketing System Video Series. Everything you need to know about how to operate effectively within The SpiderWeb Marketing System is available to you through The SpiderWeb Marketing System Video Series, which will walk you through every step to set up and maximize your system and bring the money in.

Another extremely useful tool is the Prospect Manager. This is the best way to keep track of everything that is happening within your program. You can find out the status of all prospects, where they came from, and what have been your most successful strategies for generating leads.

Among other features, you will also find a list of your referral links, website visitor tracker, task manager, and calendar, to mention a few. One of my favorite features is the SpiderZone forum, which I will discuss another time.

You won't find a system or Back Office that is this comprehensive in any program. As I have mentioned, we are committed to providing the very best marketing System in the industry, and that philosophy permeates through everything we do, including the Back Office. It is a powerful key that will help you open the door to the success you deserve.

You can quickly get your own Back Office, by signing up for the free system now. Check it out at


MLM BBQ Nightmare!

Hey There, Phil Paris from Auckland, again! Thanks for visiting my blog! Today I want to share with you a compelling story from Kimball Roundy, founder and inventor of The SpiderWeb Marketing System. It pretty much describes a lot of his struggles, and how he overcame them and established this awesome system. Personally, I can totally identify with the things he went through, which is part of the reason I feel so confident with his system. Here it goes, in his words.

The Depressed but Blessed Monday

I will never forget the day I first stumbled across the concepts that started me down the path of research and development of the Spider Web Marketing System. It was early on a long depressing Monday morning that my life was changed forever. This Monday was depressing not only because I found myself back at my dead-end job yet again, but far worse because I had spent the previous three weeks preparing for the recruiting-event-to-end-all-recruiting-events. It was to be the most successful "meeting" that anyone had ever seen.

The Master Plan

I was certain that after this huge "opportunity" BBQ, everyone in my company was going to be coming to me to figure out what I had done to recruit so many people. I had my small downline buzzing with excitement about how we were all going to be able to kick back and watch the cash roll in after this event. Previous small casual BBQ's at my home had been somewhat effective and encouraging, so I was sure that this large gathering was going to be just that much more effective.

I spent well over $1,000 getting ready for the BBQ. I purchased enough hamburgers and hot dogs to feed a small army, as well as volleyball equipment, horseshoes, and badminton sets. I rented the largest park in town, a grill the size of my truck and everything else I could think of to make this an enjoyable and successful "meeting".

Then, with a bit of help from some of my top guys, I passed out between ten and fifteen thousand flyers. We talked to everyone we knew and everyone we met as we were preparing for the event. I literally only slept an hour or two each night for the entire week leading up to the BBQ.

Finally, the day arrived. There was a buzz of excitement running through my whole organization. Unfortunately, it would soon be smothered, along with the hearts of everyone who had worked so hard to help put this event together. So, out of the 20,000 people who had heard about the BBQ or got a flyer, the grand total that showed up was...76. Not quite the 5,000 I was hoping for or even the 500 I was willing to settle for--76.

To add salt to an already painful wound, out of those 76 I was able to pitch my opportunity to, there was a total signup of -24.

"How is that possible?" you ask.

Well, I had worked and overworked my entire team and placed way too much emphasis on how well things were going to work out and how easy it was going to be once we were done recruiting the masses that were inevitably going to show up. So, in the face of this massive failure, I lost any and all confidence that my team had in me as a leader. Within a few days, despite my best effort to retain them, I had lost them all.

So there I found myself -- broke, broken, depressed, forced to go back to a job which I had hoped never to return to and searching for any reason I could find to keep myself from giving up on my MLM dream.

Then I found it - the key, the concept, and the strategy with which to make it a reality (which had been hidden right under my nose for five years) that unlocked my mind from the chains that this industry had placed on me. This is the concept that would open my eyes to a new way of looking at this business and a way of seeing things that I had never before been shown.

That is his great story. I'll explain more about the secret that he mentions. Actually, the secret is in the huge system that I write about, and every entry explains more of this complex and comprehensive system.

I totally know what he went through, because I went through it too. When I first joined MLM, I struggled because my sponsor was new too and couldn't train me. I didn't know enough about the business to train anyone either. I didn't know how to "sell" and I wasn't good on the phone. It was tough, but I did my best to be successful. I spent THOUSANDS of dollars on training courses and "Proven Turnkey Systems". Eventually I realized that I needed more help because I was frustrated with the results of my previous efforts. I was desperate for a way to grow my businessI wanted to work hard with a new, fresh approach.

However, using The SpiderWeb Marketing System, I have maximized my business potential and brought real leads, business, and money to me.

Now it will do all the hard work for you... Guaranteed!

Find out more at