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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Five Characteristics of Success in MLM

Hey Phil Paris here again. I've been in the network marketing industry for 1 year although I did try it once before without success, and I have seen a lot. I've tried different business systems and approaches, and been met with different levels of success. But most importantly, throughout my life's career journey, I've had the chance to meet and be taught by some amazing people. People who know this industry. Good, honest people, who have worked hard to get to the top. People who have made money. A lot of money. Millions. And millions.

I learned a great deal from these leaders, not just from the things that they taught me, but from my own observations of them. I noticed that all of them had similar characteristics that helped them achieve the kind of success that so many of us dream about.

1. They used their own products or services and could explain
why you should use them. (They were a product of the product.)

2. They had a reason for doing the business and a business plan.

3. They let the tools do the selling.

4. They were always learning more about the business.

5. They stayed in the game long enough to have a chance to

By holding strong to these principles, these people made millions. Sound like you have those qualities? I'll tell you something: you don't have to be born with them. Some of them are developed by smart business practices and patience, and anyone of us can develop those characteristics. And those of us who do are well on their way to achieving their dreams. My goals in business and in life are to gain financial freedom, time freedom and be able to spend time with my children and granddaughter. I want to enjoy my time and my life my way. I want to be a leader in my business and be in a position to share my knowledge and my success with others. Money is important to me as well and becoming a multi-millionaire is up there. I know that I can achieve that through The SpiderWeb Marketing System because it is a brilliant business model that makes perfect sense. Kimball and his corporate staff have been very helpful.

In my next blog entry, I'll tell you about how The SpiderWeb Marketing System will help you achieve each of those integral characteristics. It will be good. It will be real. And it will help you understand how you can make money in The SpiderWeb Marketing System.

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