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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Home Based Businesses & The SpiderWeb Marketing System

My name is Phil Paris. I'm from Auckland, , and I've been involved in my home business for 1 year in

Originally, I became involved in my home business because I wanted to supplant my primary income and I desperately needed to do something other than my previous job. I was interested in entrepreneurship. After getting established in my business, some things went well.

On the other hand, it was not exactly the dream I had hoped for. Despite the things I liked about it, I still experienced some frustrations because of the time it takes to build a new website. The intention was and still is to add a back-end network marketing business as an income stream. At that time I didn't know enough about the network marketing business to train anyone and I didn't know how to "sell". I wasn't any good on the phone as I had no experience.

In spite of my difficulties, I still tried my best to achieve the success in network marketing that I was originally sold on. I worked hard to follow that promise of success that my sponsor told me about. I tried many of the traditional tactics employed in this industry, with less than ideal results. I spent THOUSANDS of dollars on training courses and "Proven Turnkey Systems". I did everything I had been taught to do, and worked my hardest at it, but the end result was less than I expected.

I decided I needed to try a different approach. I was frustrated with the results of my previous efforts. My upline was not very helpful and I was desperate for a way to grow my business. I wanted to work hard with a new, fresh approach. After researching several different options, I decided to join the Spider Web Marketing System. I thought it was a good idea to become a part of the Spider Web Marketing System because I was excited to be able to generate 12+ streams of passive residual income. I wanted to learn exactly what it takes to leverage the power of the internet to grow my business. I was also really excited to get the the Revolutionary Lead Generation System and I wanted to gain access to the 22+ step-by-step tutorial videos. I thought this would I help me develop my downlines.

Since joining, things have gone quite well and I am pleased with the results so far. I'm confident that the Spider Web Marketing System will help me achieve the success that I've always dreamed of because it is a brilliant business model that makes perfect sense. Kimball and his corporate staff have been very helpful.

I believe that success comes to those who are willing to work for it. I believe in working hard, and I believe in working smart. Since joining The Spider Web Marketing System, I have become more effective and more efficient in my business.

I originally became involved in my home business because I had a goal to gain financial freedom, gain time freedom and spend time with my children and granddaughter. I also want to enjoy my time and my life my way. I want to be a leader in my business and share my knowledge with others as well as share my success. Of course I want to become a millionaire. The Spider Web Marketing System has helped me take a huge step closer to that goal.


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